Leaving Worry

The things I worried about

seemed so real

and so necessary

to having a good life.

I worried about

your thoughts,

especially of me—

did you see

the good in me?

Could the goodness

be real

if it didn’t fit in

with how goodness

was defined by you?

But then worry

met healing and

healing took me

for long walks

down quiet lanes

with only my thoughts

and dreams I supposed

I had forgotten

and worry stayed behind

and soon healing

showed me

hope and love

and now I worry

only that I won’t

remember to turn

out the lights

when I wander

back home from

a long day’s journey

on paths that

lead to the life

I should have been

living all along.

I saw the good in me

and forgot to wonder

if you knew it was there.

—Chris Pepple ©2022