A New Year’s Prayer

A New Year’s Prayer

I wrote this for a dear friend, but I would like to  share this with my readers also:

I pray that you receive many blessings throughout the upcoming year–that you never feel pain more than you see healing; that you never sense hurt more than you feel wrapped in the love of God, family and friends; that you never feel lost without seeing the light and finding the hand to guide you. When you question, may you hear God’s answers. When you sense the deepest joys God has to offer, may you never forget the source or the sweet lingering memory.

I faced many challenges during the last three months. Someone asked me how I experienced God during this time. Here’s my answer:

God draws hearts in my hand; He becomes the flow of running water washing mud and dirt from those same hands. He is the laughter that sweeps through my day when I need it most and the lullaby that calms my night. He is the reason for a smile and the warmth that sweetens the hug of a friend. He is in the echo of footprints down a long hospital hall. He is the coolness in the glass of sweet tea offered by a caring soul. He is the power of the songs in your car when your car is the only place you can worship. He is the unconditional love of a dog, the heart of a child, the purr of a comforting cat. He is in the silence at the end of a prayer. He is the protector of our souls, the creator of our talents and the sower of our hopes and dreams.