Current speaking topics:

  • Poetry Readings: Behind the Words
  • Taking the Fear Out of Deconstructing Our Beliefs
  • Writing a New Ending: How to Start Over When Life Hurts
  • Writing Your Faith Journey
  • How to Move Past Writer’s Block
  • How to Successfully Launch a Book
  • Being an Advocate and Ally for Your Teen 
  • Ending Domestic Violence: It Can Happen
  • Domestic Violence: Understanding Why Leaving is Hard
  • Finding Out What You Really Believe


Must submit ten pages of manuscript for review (at no charge) before job is accepted. $2 per page for proofreading. Minimum: $30 per project.

  • Typographical Errors
  • Grammatical Mistakes
  • Run-On Sentences
  • Punctuation & Quotation Marks
  • Subject-Verb Disagreements
  • Sentence Fragments and Lengths
  • Spelling
  • Apostrophes
  • Comma Usage and Splices
  • Capitalization
  • Tenses
  • Structure and Theme
  • Organization
  • Audience Appropriateness

 Does not include verifying accuracy of data including historical names/dates or scientific information included. 

Manuscript Consultant

Need to polish your writing? Want feedback on your first draft? 

I offer authors detailed comments on their literary work in the following genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, or biography. I provide a close reading of the manuscript and offer comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript. I provide suggestions on how to make the manuscript successful in today’s publishing environment. I will note some spelling/grammatical errors found, but the consultation does not guarantee proofreading. 

Options: $35 for the first 15 pages of the manuscript; $2 per page for each additional page sent. 


Please contact me for details related to ghostwriting projects.  Pricing varies per project. 

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