Deeper Conversations

I read the news every morning to stay updated. Two things are still sticking with me. One: more than 40,000 deaths in 49 days. That’s a powerful virus we are up against. That doesn’t count the people left with heart or lung damage or the actor who had a leg amputated after complications from the virus or the thousands still on ventilators or weak at home. 

Then I saw a protestor holding a sign that said, “I need a haircut.” She was yelling for hair salons and barber shops to open. 

We are all weary at this point. Many of us have lost income. We know someone who has been sick. Many know someone who has died and can’t even be honored with a funeral. We don’t know what’s next and don’t have all the answers. 

Another protestor held a sign that said, “Facts over fear.” This I do know as a fact. I don’t “need” a haircut even if I want one. I will give up my financial stability for the life of a person. The death toll is growing. I am called by my faith to give so that others may live. I am called by morality to value life over anything material. 

I don’t want to fail financially. I don’t want to lose my home or have less to eat. I don’t want my kids to do without anything. I don’t want that for any of us. But life is worth sacrificing for. The vulnerable in this society deserve better than sacrificing them for a haircut. 

We can do both things: strive to help create financial stability for everyone and strive to save lives. Ma’am, put down your haircut sign and write, “Let’s work together to find answers.” 

Sir, change your sign to say, “Love over fear.” You are fearing financial loss. Love someone enough to step out of your fear and see their fear of the virus. Let’s all put down fear and dig deep to overcome both fears together. I know the answers are there. It takes all of us coming the table for hard conversations to find the answers.