Remembering the Love in You:

Transgender Day of Remembrance

We will miss you,

beautiful you,

handsome you,

amazing you,

courageous you

the ones who taught us

to look past

what others misunderstand

and to look past

preconceived ideas of gender

and who found yourself

and declared your truth

despite what others fear…

We hear you,

those who were silenced,

and we see all that is good

and all that is possible…

You were full of possibility

and hope and love.

You spoke truth

to a world who refused

to hear your voice,

but those of us who did hear

will never forget the music

of your life that still

echoes through the hearts

of those who loved you,

those who hugged you

and hoped with you,

those who danced our way

through Pride marches

and those who sat quietly

with you seeking answers…

forever and always,

I will call your name,

the name you chose

and the name denied you by others,

I will call your name out to the world

and validate your truth

and hold on to your memory

because you were loved

forever and always…

—Chris Pepple © 2022