Dear Mexico…

Dear Mexico,

I’m sorry for all of the challenges you face in your nation. I know that many in your nation face daily struggles that I cannot imagine. I think of the Biblical stories from my faith tradition where Jesus reached out to the neighboring areas with love and compassion. Know that some of us in America care about your people. We are all part of this global community–in the struggle together. My faith tradition tells me that God created the world–not just America.

I am sorry you are being bullied with a tough choice–take money desperately needed by those in your own community–needed for education or help with the drug wars or help with healthcare–the choice to use billions of dollars to help your nation or build a wall because some people here have been misled by fear and prejudice.

I hear your struggles. Please know I will pray for your nation and will also look for practical ways to make us both healthier nations–more loving, more peaceful, more just and merciful.

I hope you can #resist the bullying and know that at least some of us care.