I’m Not Going to Church Because…

In the last two weeks, the hashtag #ImNotGoingToChurchBecause has been very popular. The hurting world is talking to us, Church. They are telling us why they can’t hear us. Some of the comments are just meant to be funny (stale crackers at Communion, etc.). But most of the comments are very honest. If your church is not growing, if your community is hurting and the church is not part of the healing, maybe you should read some of these.

I wondered if what they said was true, so I looked harder at what church members/Christians are saying on Facebook and other social media. I see your comments and so does the hurting world. The hurting world is seeing your words, judgments, jokes, “I don’t care” statements–you who are called out to be loving, to be like Jesus, to be a voice to the hurting, a light to those in darkness. You have dimmed your own light to them with your comments. You who say, “Well ‘they’ did it first, so I’m just answering.” That’s not Biblical.

And there is no ‘they.’ There is only all of us–everyone. Jesus never tried to gain political influence. Ever. He just tried to love a hurting world. When his own people didn’t get it, he turned to the world to find voices to speak his love.

Jesus has embraced all outcasts in our world and all people who love the way he intended. Who hurt because another is hurting. Who weep because people are dying without medical care in our own nation. Who cry because women are still beaten in their own homes–young girls are raped daily on college campuses.

Instead of saying, “Shame on you,” why don’t we say, “hi, want to chat over a cup of coffee?”

Instead of saying, “I don’t understand,” why don’t we say, “I’m trying to listen. Let’s talk more.”

You aren’t hurting, so what’s the problem? Really? That means you are a person of privilege who is part of why the hashtag exists.

Can you really picture Jesus saying the things you have posted on social media? Read your own comments then read those from the hashtag. Read them. They are speaking from their own hurts and experiences. They are responding to our comments. #IReallyWantYoutoKnowILoveYou That’s my answer